Mobile App Development

SHEN Technology is an extensive mobile application development company with proven experience in providing effective project management and flexible deployment models to build successful applications that help organizations increase efficiency and flexibly engage end users. We strive to meet our customers' expectations, be it our own iOS app, Android app or hybrid app.

Why SHEN Technology for Mobile Application Development

Data-Driven Solutions

Based on the information collected, we create solutions to enhance the needs of your end customers with a progressive perspective on the ever-changing dynamics of the market.

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Strong architecture

SHEN Technology focuses on key areas of software development, creating solutions that focus on system adaptability, resiliency and optimization.

Open Communication

Our clear and transparent approach ensures effective internal and external communication for a clear vision of business goals. We have been supporting our customers with our quality solutions.

Android Application Development

Android is a widely acclaimed open-source mobile operating system, and the experience of SHEN Technology’s Android development team ensures your app stands out in the market, not just a nameless and effective solution on the Play Store. We make this happen by building a scalable architecture that uses the right development tools and frameworks to build Android apps.

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iOS App Development

Strong brand values ​​and the ability to create secure, robust, and interactive designs have made iOS popular with the masses. Delivering optimized iOS apps, from idea and planning to launch and support, our mobile development team has honed the art of building iOS apps to help you achieve your business goals and grow your customer base.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development ensures that the user experience is similar to native apps but works the same way on both iOS and Android platforms. SHEN Technology Hydrid Application developer brings these benefits to your desk, ultimately helping to reduce costs and increase application productivity and transparency while reducing time to market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SHEN Technology is one of the best mobile app development company in Thoothukudi. SHEN Technology develops and implements mobile applications easily and skillfully. Our mobile app development service is constantly researching new technologies and integrating them into app development to provide promising solutions and best-in-class mobile apps. Our mobile app developers also provide post-launch support for your app solution to ensure it continues to run and deliver productive results after launch.

The time to develop a mobile app depends on the scope of the app and the fears you want to include. Fewer features take less time, and ideally it takes weeks to months of developing a mobile app to build a full-fledged mobile app.

During software or application development, we ensure that we integrate all necessary security aspects to protect data and code from any kind of breach. As a mobile app development company, we also ensure that the backend of the app is also secured with SSL, making it easy to protect your app against any kind of vulnerability.

The development cost of each application depends on several key factors such as:
Development platform – cross platform or native or hybrid
Technology/Language used – Java, C#, Flutter, Xamarin, Swift, Objective C
Resource strength – depends on the type of project
Application features and complexity – number of screens, API links, additional features, or special requests.

Yes, we provide post-app development support and post-app upgrade support.

Businesses always benefit when their apps have an intuitive design that fits the needs of the user. We are well equipped with skilled in-house UI/UX designers with excellent design skills to understand client expectations and provide them with an explicit user experience.

After completing the project and processing the payment, the client has the IP and source code.

Given the growing popularity of iPhone and Android smartphones as application development companies, we recommend that you launch the product on both platforms. However, if you’re a startup and you’re not sure which business app to launch first, you need to consider the following five factors.
Project schedule
Desired app features
Sales targets
These factors will help you make an important decision about which platform to launch your app first.

Even if you have decided to use a hybrid app, you need to understand how a hybrid app can benefit you in many ways.
For example, if you use the app for a different platform, you should
Code that works for anything that improves overall market time
You have access to many plugins
It’s an inexpensive way to develop apps on multiple platforms
Reliable and efficient compared to native apps
Cover multiple audiences with a single codebase