How to rank the Website in Search Engine?

How to rank the Website in Search Engine?

SEO is a technique to improve your website ranking and get more engaging traffic to your website and grow your business online, then it generates the leads for your Business.

There are few steps involved to rank websites organically in a search engine by SEO technique:

Understand customer needs :

Basically, the business website customers have a view of their needs and requirements. They will expect their company to grow in the search engine for brand awareness, to generate leads, engaging traffic sources to the websites.

Keyword research:

The keyword is the main objective for the website where the user can search the word in a search engine. Choose the right keyword and place it on the websites.

Page speed and Responsiveness:

Google checks the page speed in the mobile version. Pages must be loaded faster in both mobile and desktop versions. If not loaded faster it will slow down rankings. The website must be responsive and compatible with size in all kinds of devices.

Social media activities:

Social media will help you with brand awareness and getting more visitors to your pages. There are different social media that helps your branding, they are Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, youtube.



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