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“We build websites that tell your story.
What you are? What you do?"



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Email Accounts

Domain Name

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Responsive Layout



Additional Pages

Responsive Layout




Social Media Integration

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+18% Gst

1 GB

2 / Basic


Up to 5 Pages



Rs. 500 Per Page

Rs.4,850 + 18% GST



+18% Gst

2 GB

3 / Basic

.in / .com

Up to 10 Pages



Rs. 400 Per Page

Rs.4,850 + 18% GST



+18% Gst

3 GB

5 / Basic

.in / .com / .net

Up to 15 Pages



Rs. 300 Per Page


Rs.4,850 + 18% GST



+18% Gst

5 GB

10 / Basic

.in / .com / .net / .org

Up to 20 Pages



Rs. 250 Per Page


Rs.6,500 + 18% GST

Diamond PACK


+18% Gst

10 GB

3 Nos Business Mail ID

.in / .com / .net / .org



Licensed Theme

off page and on Page


Rs.8,500 + 18% GST

Why Choose SHEN Technology for Web Designing

Enjoy the best experience by choosing us. Work with us to get to know us.

Guaranteed Unique and Original Content

Best adherence to UX/UI processes that weave clear and crisp content, images, videos and infographics into your website.

Stable, Responsive and Reliable Website

People love our accessibility and reliability because we go the extra mile to provide you with a highly responsive and user-friendly website.

Innovative Results Targeted Just for You

We offer a dedicated web design service in Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu which is always exciting and always results oriented.

What We Do

Provide a great website that proudly represents you and your company.

Design and Development

We skillfully design bespoke websites that meet your business needs, be it ecommerce or information,
with ease of use. We develop unique and engaging content that showcases your originality to the world
and aesthetically represents what makes you different.

Testing and Delivery

We conduct intensive reviews and tests in various scenarios, fix features, bugs or bugs and provide
efficient websites that are compatible with all devices from your smartphone to your traditional desktop,
promoting easy access anywhere and anytime.

Hosting and Support

We ensure all technical specifications are built to maintain them from day one.
We also review it regularly to monitor its effectiveness and to keep technical aspects
and content up-to-date for updates and improvements.

Personalization is our strength

SHEN Technology likes to be flexible when it comes to customization. As a web design company in Thoothukudi,TN
We know that businesses need a personalized website that really gives them a strong impact on their business.


We combine design, graphics, content and functionality aesthetically for a flexible interface.


We do responsive and mobile friendly front-end web development using Bootstrap CSS framework.


We optimize website viability, aesthetically and technically for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.


We periodically review and update the security of the C-Panel website content application.


We spot bugs and errors quickly and always make sure that they don't go through archiving.


We update and manage website and gateway subscriptions for smooth transactions.

Our Projects

Check out some of the selected brands we’ve created. We look forward to working with you!

V.O.Chidambaram College
Grove Joint India
MSD Turf
Velavan Vidyalaya
NEET Biology Tamil
APK Logistics
Victoria CBSE School
Iqnous Technologies
Bravina Tailoring & Institute
Chandy College of Education
VSA Designs & Buildings

The platform we work on

We work on a multifunctional platform to provide you a user-friendly and results-oriented website.


WordPress websites offer a fast design and deployment structure and offer the benefits of prototyping with a huge library of features.


An open source program that is easy to configure and supports large websites and can be integrated with other programming languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every organization is unique and has many different products and services. Website prices vary depending on the size, scalability and purpose of the website.

Get a quote from us today! and we make sure you get an affordable price for your website.

Website design and development schedules vary by scope and design project. Maximum, a project lasts up to 2 weeks.

Building commitment is ideal for companies planning to rebrand and migrate their CMS or want a major overhaul of their current web design

On the other hand, growth commitment is ideal for companies that already have a CMS platform and just want to increase conversions, sales and improve the overall user experience.

SHEN Technology strikes a fine balance between startups, small businesses, nonprofits, and corporate clients across many industries.

To get a better idea of ​​who we are and what we’ve accomplished so far, take a look at our selection of selected projects and clients.

Build engagement and offer complete web design updates. Here’s a glimpse of the process:

Customer Research
We conduct in-depth research and a series of exercises to better understand your brand, company, story, product or service, as well as research on competitors and future targets. We analyse the web structure, categorization, design and challenges and create test reports.

Strategy and Design
With the required information, we created some relevant documents in terms of main terminal, initial wireframe, flowchart and mood board.

On this basis, we work closely with your team and create a user experience that benefits you and your customers.

Development and Quality Assurance
Once we reach a virtual design approval point, we will proceed with development. Our design team creates a comprehensive visual guide for our development team to follow.

Our development team develops websites according to guidelines with a holistic approach in terms of visual appearance, technical quality, functionality, reliability and responsiveness, ensuring flawless website launch and performance from day one.

Commitment to growth focuses on incrementally improving the site. Roadmaps are created to help us study the existing traffic to your site, monitor user experience issues or opportunities, and systematically measure, test, and report on site capabilities.

Definitive! We will target customers in two different ways.

Support helps keep sites up to date, archive, protect, and improve performance. We also help with reactive improvements such as: B. new landing pages or adding new features.

Growing is a proactive approach that supports continuous website improvement. The focus is on increasing call speed through various testing tools and download resources.